I am blessed to live a beautiful humble life, but I didn’t always think so.

God gives each of us a journey. That is our gift here of life, to use in this imperfect world of free choice, to discover what choices are truly worth making.

The choice worth making…

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We wander wearily through some of our moments,

wondering where we are going…

but then there are those places we reach

where the sky and sea open up with possibilities

stretching farther than sight can reach.

God has us like that.

Where we are filled so much with love


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The Gamble Analogy For Life

Let’s look at life from a gambling analogy, and perhaps gain appreciation or wisdom.

In the beginning we have nothing.

I didn’t exist yet in physical form.

God gave me a big win from there, a gift.

He gives me life in this world.


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Over history there has been much confusion as to the meaning of life.

There are many with opinions, and a few that are certain they are right.

For those with differing opinions, the only way to determine if there is one that is more right, is to tell if the…

When I saw you for the first time

You were across the room

A little bit of a lost look in your eyes

Shy half smile and soft brown eyes

Covering yourself in gentle neutral colors

You were new there

You were everything.

I might have noticed you before


Because His sacrifice was an example of the selfless love we are to grow towards in our development to heaven. And in moments where we hit bottom we are most likely to be "contrite" in our prayer... and it is then prayers are answered, for His mercy is endless. We came from nothing. He is everything. We can expect nothing, but with love we can be one with Him. #ToDreamers

Unique Dreams and Intuition

I was given new life by taking a small spiritual journey.

Hiking lets you focus on what is around, a more natural and meditative envelope that lets us find peace.

Connecting by visiting your place of worship also helps you find inner peace.

Positive thinking takes…

Marie J. Ross (RIP) and me, 2010. She has met her late husband on the other side of the moon.

I think from time to time that I miss your friendly banter. Your insistent word analysis and ticking brain figuring the right words for the poems you wrote.

I remember the heart that nothing could hold back. Your amazing life and your humility. Your sudden winning Fantasy 5 in a…

The Late Gail Lee White (top) and the Late Marie J. Ross

I would like to share a poem that my best friend wrote in the years before her death about travelling.

It’s important to embrace the life we have, it happens once and we sometimes think too long on the before and after instead of the QUESTION: what do we enjoy…

Chasing Stardust 5–29–2008

R.I.P. Marie J. Ross, fellow poet, best friend

Chasing Stardust

(a collaborative poem written by Donald R. Anderson and the late Marie J. Ross in 2008)

Like milky spirits, the nebula swirled in explosive color,

transcendent plumes of stardust lighting up their night sky.

The journey a mysterious path voiceless, except for the whir


Donald Anderson

Aspiring writer. Amateur philosopher and amateur writer of Apologetics (i.e., the Catholic reasonings). Faith-driven kindred spirit.

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