your laughter aflutter like crisp salt sea spray


skin of toffee nut —

scent of vanilla, of freshly printed books

matt finished, small press, delicate edges

like the opening of my heart —

though it slowly opened more —

my lips yearning

taste of coconut

dances on the drive to wineries,

beat moving us, undeniable,

sway with me

stay with me

light that draws me into you

sun your world’s (a starry passion-flame world’s) gravity

your expanse of imagination

creative, genius, mystic,

spirit traveler,

fragile i am her before you — waiting —









When words can’t describe,
Tears of joy

Research history of everything!
Feel like the world is opened up
Like a door opened, seen the first time,
The entirety of the world open before me
Before us
A horizon of possible
Stretching without end
That out days would ever reach out that far
Upon my trembling heart strings
A fragile passion that cannot be contained
My cup overflows
And I feel creation
A joy of God’s desiring
Of fulfilling God’s will
Of a moment of Grace

Love songs are understated

Breathless, beauty of ….

I’m unable to label, to word, to limit, such perfect gift from God as the moment of unconditional faith

Thank you God for my vocation
my family
my existence




Sun shines through our small humble balcony on an affectionate tuxedo cat as she glows, looking at me. These gentle moments remind me of the beautiful gift of existing that I should not take for granted.

Deadlines and to-do lists…I must make peace with this worldly metropolitan trend. Before I fill up the time to enjoy life.

Yes, I do find a need to complete things I start.

Starting too many “extras” is the problem.

Everything’s important to God.

I should notice and give my time to those that He meant for me, though.

I am a finite being after all.

The Spirit needs to be fed.