A Life Fully Purposed

Image by djedj from Pixabay

There is the bucket list. That dream fulfilled. The destination you must set in order to not be aimless in living. That purpose that gives life meaning.

It has been eminent in the back of the mind for most of your aware existence. It is the cloudy impressions or the aching desires, but when you turn to face it fully it may amaze you with a clear vision, a clear projecting of one’s self into the reasons we have to serve God and to be fulfilled in all we ever wanted by doing so.

It is too simple to see, for we are in the trees of the forest. That is why we must grab that drone toy and pilot it out above the limbs, branches, leaves, and mists to get the view.


The term backcasting was what I stumbled on in my search for how I can make my “complete” life plan. So I had been wanting to plan my life in every major goal for the future and to map out where I’ve been and what defined me in the past, so I was researching the organizational tools which writers use to do so.

Backcasting was in the Corinthia Newspaper. It was explained, to paraphrase, as to be the reverse point of view of forecasting, by looking at the projected dream point one was envisioning for one’s future and from that highpoint taking the life points that would lead up to that fully lived life in order to get there.

Backcasting takes the dreaming to the level of actualization, living in one’s meditating upon it, and then one can so much easier with the clear destination point find the map calculation to get there most directly and fully.

In my life, then I must project where I want to be at my dying breath, and what I want to have done.

I can list things, since words are more concise that way.

  • Lived loving my precious wife making her joyful in my presence and shared experience, until her dying breath or mine (OK so there goes the simplification, looks like this will be phrases list not single words).
  • Published regarding my passionate love and life in a way that captures how I intensely feel and felt (if that can be done).
  • Songs played and written to capture my raw loving emotions in a way that brings joy and yearning.
  • A legacy of having loved my wife’s children as my own, and cared for their future and their own legacy as well, passing down the values and memories that matter most.
  • Lived in desire of being close to Jesus as I can and to serve God’s will as closely as possible.
  • Having made a difference in many ways that are positive and avoid the negative impacts of any decisions or indecision, past, present and future.
  • Having a long life due to fitness habits and low stress habits and having nurtured the loved ones, friends, and family around me.

In order to take the steps to get there I need to make a daily routine of loving my wife, communicating it to her, and taking action to notice how I can better do that. I need to daily eat and drink healthy, take meditative prayer, and exercise to clear the mind and focus the energy of the body. I need to stay attentive to the needs of those around me and look for opportunities to make ethical choices and serve God as best I can.

There. It looks actually a lot clearer of a view from the other end. That wasn’t so hard, was it?



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