A Map to Life

I am blessed to live a beautiful humble life, but I didn’t always think so.

God gives each of us a journey. That is our gift here of life, to use in this imperfect world of free choice, to discover what choices are truly worth making.

The choice worth making is gratitude for everything that is, though it has both sides good and bad, because simply having life, living, is a short and precious commodity of time that should be used in a way that lets us work to help and suffer for others so that we truly have earned and are able to appreciate the gift to come, when we are released from the imperfections that we sometimes cling to in putting ourselves above our fellow human beings/neighbors in search of worldly success…that the journey is our lessons to learn the only way one can learn fully, by first hand experience, the value of love and our creator’s plan to love that gives us eternal life.

Ford said something to the effect that whether we think we can, or whether we think we can’t, either way we think, we are right…that is because of the faith effect of self fulfilling destiny, of thoughts incrementally rippling into the larger scale parts of life like actions and destiny.

We don’t have control, God does. But this world we have choices that ripple on with each generation, our eternal life resulting from each act or word of love. Have faith and just love through those choices, trusting in the infinite wisdom instead of trying to control more than our own choices, instead of presuming our part in our limited journey to already be complete and us to already be one with His infinite wisdom in His infinite universe.

Or would one prefer to live without purpose, without a reason for the universe to have order at all, and believe that our consciousness will end when we die? We are given free will to choose that “reality” if we want it.

I choose faith. I choose love. And I choose to find God the way He wants us to find Him, through the humble, the meek, the contrite of heart, through acts great and small when we connect with loving. I love my wife, and am blessed to have an amazing little part of this humble life we owe to God. Nothing of ours came from our own, in the big picture.

We owe God. He is good so He is letting us learn to trust and appreciate at our own paces, uniquely, in ways we can help each other and do a little sliver of the cross to show we love Him before our lives pass so quickly by in this ever changing world.

God bless. Happy 7th Anniversary to my soul mate wife, one of many answered prayers when I asked humbly and needed it most.




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Donald Anderson

Donald Anderson

Aspiring writer. Amateur philosopher and amateur writer of Apologetics (i.e., the Catholic reasonings). Faith-driven kindred spirit.