About DJ Headphones

My old MC Portable Recorder, when I still had it

Sometimes you just want that comfort of peacefully shutting out the worldly things around you.

Sounds and glares and attention-grabbers, advertisements and politics, distract from our livelihood of connecting with that inner Christ that gives us peace.

Music and noise-cancelling headphones back in the 1990’s were my escape at the time. Sound and emotion and a single thought of the focal point on a dream I had were all that got me by in that state I was in. I had become too single-minded to be happy, and ironically that single-mindedness at the time kept me from being unhappy with the worldly imperfections — I didn’t think about or care what people thought or did as long as they did not interfere with me dreaming of one day making it big and having a perfect life.

A perfect life, it turns out, was about caring about what God thought and what we ourselves did. And it wasn’t about being alone any more, it became a giving to others lifestyle that rewarded me multiples of every moment or effort given.

I dreamed in those big soft cushioned black headphones, listening to the soft sounds on a graphic equalizer, in my head wrapped up in that focus, in my head literally singing my heart and soul out with the singers.

I connect with music, that led me to poetry and the written word, which I believe I told the story of before regarding a Rock Lyric as Literature Form class whose teacher Anna Tuttle Villegas recommended I take her poetry class. I wrote thousands of poems since, published collaborative books, anthologies, and periodicals, and went to a few hundred Open Mic events over the years.

I would listen to U2 and the Cure back in the day, waiting for the class to start upstairs in the theatre department at SJDC, and had an eclectic taste though I never had favorites except maybe one or two songs.

Now I don’t have any favorites, but am still eclectic and have many more that I can claim I like in my playlists on Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, and Youtube. Jazz, Ambient sounds, R&B, old school 70s or 80s pop, synth pop, chilled cow, oldies, basically those songs that focus on no cussing and have a melody played with instruments like saxophone, piano, or guitar, more than they have a beat.

When I shut out the world, I shouldn’t shut myself in with the world but with the good and the positive and the love affirmations. I shouldn’t put on airs of self pity like back then, but focus on the dream in a way that Glorifies God.

If you shut out the world, is that a good thing?

I think to find peace one must cancel out the worldly focus and re-focus on the Christian, Catholic, love-centered way of thinking in every moment you can.

You should do this prayer focus from the moment you wake up. It’s a bit of advice I got from my father-in-law Joe Quismondo, he says to have thoughts of the Lord the first thing you wake up in the morning. It sets you on the right path for getting through and leading the way that will be best for you.

Have a state of Grace when you pray, he added. It is when we pray that we connect with Jesus and the pure love He has, so offer up things to Him in a way that honors Him.

He has headphones and listens to Catholic radio podcasts. I am thinking about getting a pair of good headphones like I did back in the day. To shut out the world and focus.

To pray, with my whole heart, and sing to the Lord.




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Donald Anderson

Donald Anderson

Aspiring writer. Amateur philosopher and amateur writer of Apologetics (i.e., the Catholic reasonings). Faith-driven kindred spirit.