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I and my wife keep dreaming big.

We dream of winning the lottery one day. Of getting a cottage in the bay area in hiking distance of the beach. Of retiring early together, living long lives, and supporting our kids and family.

We dream small too. We dream of the little balcony view we have with beautiful sunlight filtering in through the tree leaves. We dream of the trees no longer shedding their pollen and twigs and of the geese calming down their honking in the mornings so we can sleep. We dream of paying off all our debts and having enough of a nest egg to work at jobs we like. We dream of healthy relatives.

And then we dream. We dream in actual dreams, reflecting the thoughts, reflecting the subconscious and spirit world, and reflecting the occasional prophecy that God sends only if it’s important or if we’re open to it. We dream out loud in prayers, earnest, beckoning, for God to make everything work out for the best.

It feels like it’s always been this way. It feels so perfect. We made the choices we made and mistakes cost us time in getting there, but all seems to be as it should be in God’s plan.

It’s the Covid-19 times now. The world seems as if it might throw us into anarchy with the reactive way it responds to the pandemic and to political turmoil. And we recall the peaceful ways of some moments in our past when everything seemed to fit into a preconceived puzzle of where everything fit together in the world. It’s still in an organized plan of God’s, but we just got checked by His plan. We got our pride and entitlement shaken because that’s what we need to grow in being closer and more dependent on the One who created us for a purpose to serve. It’s to serve God that our purpose is, not to serve ourselves.

And so we feel again at peace in accepting whatever He has planned for us. And in knowing that, in the mystery of it all, there is direction. Forward. And making sure all our choices are made the way we wanted to decide on them, by making us realize the current moment is being lived and needs to be fully appreciated as it is, and just as it is.

The meaning of happiness is not circumstances being as we want them to be. The meaning of happiness, despite our human fallacy in most moments trying to realize it, is accepting ourselves in our place of things and knowing that God, if we pray in earnest and caring dreams of a better future with compassion for God’s people, will work things out just fine in the long run.





Aspiring writer. Amateur philosopher and amateur writer of Apologetics (i.e., the Catholic reasonings). Faith-driven kindred spirit.

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Donald Anderson

Donald Anderson

Aspiring writer. Amateur philosopher and amateur writer of Apologetics (i.e., the Catholic reasonings). Faith-driven kindred spirit.

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