In Finding Jesus

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Oh Lord, teach me how to pray. For I am lost in the world’s ways that surround me. Help me to abandon all Earthly desires and measures and follow you, make room for you in my heart, and die to this world at least in it’s power over me, so that I may be truly free.

I pray for those lost homeless souls that are suffering greater than most. I pray for those of Asian descent, that they may be protected from those that recklessly persecute them unjustly. I pray for those of black and minority bloodlines, that they be freed from persecution or discrimination and the lives and souls be given the ability to live out their full potential at last. I pray for those immigrants who are suffering because of the conditions of their environments past and present, that they no longer feel unwanted and are given their fair chance to be treated right.

I pray for us all humans, of any type or characteristic, that we may be forgiven for when mistakes overcome us and that we may be loving to one another fully — that we may be given full pardon when it is time to enter heaven, that we may be granted everlasting rest — that our journeys here on this Earth not be ones of regret but of truth and cooperation towards our common human needs. That we may be given closeness to our creator in opening up room for Him to act his will of love in our lives, and that our tendencies towards self direction be sacrificed nobly for good ends that we may no longer suffer for straying for the purposes we were made for, and the consequences of our flaws be forgiven by the blood that was sacrificed for us on the cross.

I pray for the ill in our family, loved ones, and friends. I pray for the health and comfort of our pets, especially the ones in need right now. I pray for those around us who suffer from addictions and bad habits that cause harm to themselves and others, that they may open up their hearts to Jesus to be healed, all of us, and be strong willed in recognizing the things that are more important.

I pray in the name of those who are out there and feel on their own, for those who have fallen and have trouble getting up, for those who feel like they are dying or that they are alone, that they may be comforted. I pray for the wisdom to know when to act and how, and that my motivation not have human limits but be guided directly by you, our Lord in heaven.

I pray that we learn to pray. I am listening.

Thank you Jesus for calling me to you today, and for infinity of eternity. I will live fully while I remind myself into knowing that you are with me to guide me every step of the way. I will try out the psalms that perhaps in the things I came across you are recommending to me to pray with in mornings. I will love with all my heart. I will. I love you Lord.

I want to just add an inspiration from Matthew Kelly’s Dynamic Catholic Reflections:

I find myself from time to time seeking God, and that is the important thing. To keep making that COMMITMENT to seek Him fully.




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