Nothing To Fear

Even atheists pray, I know now.

The evolution of my past life is a simple progression.

The wishes I made back then, the earnest yearning thoughts that passed through my mind, were petitions to that deity that I senses but could not identify, I realize now.

The mind asks and it receives in some form. I realize that now.

When you fill your mind with visualization.

When you envision your dream-goals.

When you think of what you wish could be.

When you tell yourself that you can do more.

Those are the positive kind of enabling affirmations that make a difference.

Those are the petitions that God hears most and responds to in our needs.

I shall paraphrase or see if I can recall how it’s described.

“Ask and ye shall receive.

Seek and ye shall find.

Knock and the door shall be opened.”

The world is as it should be, we need only open up to the possibility.

The possibility that there is more good in more ways which we are experiencing but may be blinded to, and in which we may receive in the future if we open ourselves to let it happen.

Every thought where we don’t limit our reality and our view, makes it so that we can transform that reality and view inside and out.

So this brings us together, in the heart.

I found faith in the long run, and the prayers I made in the past for guidance were answered…in God’s time.




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