Perspective and Success

Photo by Chris Galbraith on Unsplash

We wander wearily through some of our moments,

wondering where we are going…

but then there are those places we reach

where the sky and sea open up with possibilities

stretching farther than sight can reach.

God has us like that.

Where we are filled so much with love

that we can’t hold it in, it flows all around.

The life we have, whatever it holds for our experiences,

has things we think we can control, and the rest of things.

In reality even the things we think we can control,

are just our journey in learning that God has planned for us,

full of letting us choose mistakes and see consequence

on ourselves and those we care about.

In the end, we care about everyone. And we return to God.

It is right because it was meant to be that way, to learn and live.

The life we have, we did not have before we existed.

God gave us that gift. It is a stewardship to choose to serve.

All that is good comes from God.

All that we can do and achieve comes from God.

That is the truth when we are honest with ourselves.

The true measure of success.

What we were meant to be, meant to do.

Fulfillment and bearing fruit, is all for love.

How we find everything that fills our hearts, our needs.

And something more permanent after the loan of this life of choice is through.




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