Pets and Prayer — Healers

We are not meant to be alone in this world.

Pets are some creatures living that we can care for, and show compassion for, and connect with. Cats and kittens are my favorites. I recently got my wish.

With Covid making it a bit more isolated, I wanted to fulfill my dream of being a cat owner and raiser from the start, like I started to in my childhood. I am ever blessed that I convinced my wife to go along with it, and we have been loving the parenting of the little ones, watching them play and interact and throw in the beautiful chaos.

Prayer, or kneeling and looking up for answers, is a way we are not really alone after all too.

By asking God for help, we let go of wanting to control our situations and successes and predicaments and troubles. We give Him the control with humility, and let it be “what it is”. We make ourselves happier by knowing our limits and asking for help through prayer.

Prayer brings us a connection with our purpose and our creator. It gives us a foundation to build plans upon, focusing direction in life and that is important if we are to go in the direction intended instead of randomly.

Prayer brings me and my wife closer together. Caring for others, in prayer and in living action, has brought us together closer. The compassion we demonstrate with kind words to anyone, enemy or friend alike, and the gentle love demonstrated by our forgiveness of this world’s flaws and by seeing the Jesus in each other, makes our giving into gifts to ourselves.

It is through love that we transform the world, not hate. It is by light that we bring light to others, not darkness of not seeing, not the acts that hide and do not speak the truth of what is clear. It is by connecting — that human act of living in community — that we are made whole and at peace.




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