Retail and Serving God

2 min readMay 23, 2020
Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

The retail store where I work had been involved in the media regarding a confrontation recently.

The involvement I had was being present in another part of the store at the time and hearing about it after.

It draws me to reflect on human needs and how we, as retail and customer, should not be at odds when we retail try so hard to please. The image of the big bad rich business owners is a truly fake one that conspiracy theorists and those with agendas use too often to their own bias.

What the real side of retail is, we serve others, which is the way God wants us to be, and we have a co-dependent relationship with those that buy our products and services. We need each other and rely on each other, especially now in these troubled times.

Retail business owners have more because they do more. They have more responsibility, more stress, and a lot more people dependent upon and working for them which makes them in need of succeeding much more than our individual needs.

The media tend to want to make controversy out of technicality and misunderstanding so that the readers get caught up in wanting to know more and to pick sides. With God we are all on the same side. We just need to redirect our conflicts and learn what each other needs from each other.

Back to how we serve. By helping others find what they need, and being helpful in other ways, we receive the reward of being needed and having grateful relationships with the community. Media will not distract me from that. Irrelevant things that are fleeting will pass, but our little acts of kindness will live on.

United we stand. Yes we can. Dream a little dream.