Something to Consider…

Me and my wife’s photos of the same sunset side by side

Living life, I want to dream of the future and
feel like the present is the journey, the right
journey, towards big things.

I often pray for things to work out for the best.
Sometimes the signs are obvious that God is listening.

“Healing drive”…the common beauty that brings peace from
the scenic drive taking one’s time.

I visited my parents today.

They are sweet and considerate people, without a doubt.

Mom said the timing of the microwave going out was the
same week as there was to be another one given to them,
from a remodel of the house of one of my brothers.

My parents are celebrating their 70th Wedding Anniversary
tomorrow with a scenic mountain drive.

I asked them before parting with them today,
if they had any advice, in light of their
accomplishment and endurance. They said consideration
is important. They said that family must be valued.
They said that being Christian gave them a lot of both
of those things. They said they felt that they felt
it was nothing new, but that they were excited and
very thankful for God giving them this gift of long life,
well lived. They said that with these in mind, it was
simple to “behave oneself” by considering each other in

Backtrack a day or two. At work I had a brief conversation in between scanning items with a thrill seeker (from
conversational context and from the active attire and
longboard skateboard in his other hand) about
the difficulties of the complex and changing tech life
that surrounds everything we do in America.
I told him maybe I would have time to have the slow
life like the Europeans have with two hour lunches
and healthy use of living fully, for
years from now when I retire.

He replied that it’s a lot harder to still do
the exciting bucket list things like bungee jump
when have time finally after retire…society here
is flawed and we are used to it. It got me thinking
that after our generations there is hope that
the longer lifespan living like elsewhere or elsetime in the country society’s future we will be established
like other older countries and maybe become fixed?

I think it’s worth considering on a personal change level.
The motivation is there. To smell the roses.
To disconnect from tech and distractions,
from all the concerns in worldly advertisements
and worldly goal lists.
The concerns of the self, or of safety and comfort,
should never be placed before the most important
concern of spiritual closeness that brings perfect peace,
the golden grail of having wisdom,
of having the gift connection in sharing God’s
perspective in what is right and just,
if only for moments at a time.
Cursillo demonstrated for me in the recent years,
that piety study and action are more than the Catholic
basics, they are what connect the church and the
mass into the rest of our lives toward being more Holy.
Being close to God.
Being humble, which today’s Scriptures demonstrated as
being the servers, which Jesus became, in order to
be the first.

Flash forward to the moments between those…
this morning I was listening to the lenten videos
from my established Catholic sources…
I concluded from listening with open heart
for conversion for my life from God
by asking him in conversational prayer
“this is what is in my life, this is what I worry about,
this is how I struggle with the world I live in,
how I struggle in being perfectly close to you”
and “So, God, I open my heart, what would you like me to do?”
I then concluded that heaven is not about goals with no end one after the other. Dreams are not about things that we have to do to please the expectations others have of us.
What we desire most is to be ourselves in God’s light and
through our desire for closeness to God, make our lives
more pious.

The sun was setting today on our drive home,
a bright orange misty sky with Mount Diablo so distant,
twin peaks against an endless sky.






Aspiring writer. Amateur philosopher and amateur writer of Apologetics (i.e., the Catholic reasonings). Faith-driven kindred spirit.

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Donald Anderson

Donald Anderson

Aspiring writer. Amateur philosopher and amateur writer of Apologetics (i.e., the Catholic reasonings). Faith-driven kindred spirit.

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