Space: The Definition of the Times

My Kittens invading my Face Space

These are the times of Social Distancing, a term perhaps not heard of before this year began.

These are the times of political distance, a gap that divides us over many issues that seem incompatible with one another. For some reason in the midst of the Democratic/Republican cold war, I find myself unable or unwilling to fully commit to one side. Perhaps I’ll just be a moderator, a mediator, a peace-maker and a intermediary. I’ve usually voted for third party candidates for President, and you know how much of a futility it seems, but somehow I feel it’s better than voting for the two candidates that alienate my very fiber of being.

These are the times of social networking and techy jobs… from home. The things we say affect us all the same, and yet they are not as personal and connecting on the human level the way that we ought to in order to FEEL connected and interdependent. We SHOULD be a community. We SHOULD be a family and extended global family, but there are so many things that in-person attention gives that are in need of being filled in when looking at a backlit computer screen or phone that just has interactions limited to typing, a camera, microphone, and a fixed location. We need to interact to bond, and bond is the core of our values (or used to be) that lead to love, to social communication, to sharing, and to the resolution of differences instead of clicking a button to disconnect.

These are the times of staying at home as a rule of thumb, and avoiding human contact out of fear. There are, of course, exceptions…

Groups of youths without masks roam the streets of Stockton

Groups of youths have been known to hang out at food trucks and bike around town in Stockton without any masks, in public. Customers enter retail stores every so often without a mask without a way to police it.

It’s actually an anti-police atmosphere now, in some ways, while the tension for reform mounts and the justice system seems to prove our inadequacies to stand up for truth, fairness, impartiality, and the very lives that we cherish. With out famous mayor Michael Tubbs from HBO’s Stockton on My Mind to the now-famous America’s Got Talent star Brandon Leake, my home town has gotten more attention now in this new age of… distance between our differences.

Stockton, California is a “distant” two hour drive from the high class, rich gentrification of the techy Silicon Valley and its touristy San Francisco… if you don’t count the refugees of homeless that are gathering on sidewalks in tent camps, in the growing unemployment and the building economic tensions of the epidemic for Covid-19 that has only begun to affect our lives and our priorities the way it will when the health care system and lifestyles become surrounded beyond capacity.

The things we are distant from, the love inside that is connectable only if we are to surpass all these fears with a leap of faith, is always just the opening of a door of thought away — the thought to trust in God’s bigger plan.

Humility, a customer mentioned to me to day, is what we need… and gratitude. That is how we are to survive. That is how we are to … reconnect.





Aspiring writer. Amateur philosopher and amateur writer of Apologetics (i.e., the Catholic reasonings). Faith-driven kindred spirit.

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Donald Anderson

Donald Anderson

Aspiring writer. Amateur philosopher and amateur writer of Apologetics (i.e., the Catholic reasonings). Faith-driven kindred spirit.

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