The Gamble Analogy For Life

Photo by Andrew Bui on Unsplash

The Gamble Analogy For Life

Let’s look at life from a gambling analogy, and perhaps gain appreciation or wisdom.

In the beginning we have nothing.

I didn’t exist yet in physical form.

God gave me a big win from there, a gift.

He gives me life in this world.

That is the first big win.

Perhaps it’s the biggest.

But I can do many things with the gambles and bets on what I use that win on.

The gambles will have ups and downs.

Times when I gamble on choices that have faith behind them and bear fruit, in my life or after.

And times when I gamble on fear, excuses, doubt, or worldly measure of success.

Measures of my self on things that try to put my wishes for things above what

God’s greater plans are.

Like when I pursue hedonistic dreams of financial independence and freedom from labors, instead of prioritizing the needs of those around me.

Like when I get caught up in concerns and throw false tantrums like a child, fighting or arguing with fellow adopted children of God.

Like when I become the lukewarm, and grow unconcerned for consequences of inaction or misguided action.

Those do not bear fruit, and if I stay with them it’s just a gambler trying to get different results from the same actions.

The times where I do not actively seek God’s guidance are when I get confused and do not understand why things happen to me.

Then, when the time is right for God, I humbly become the prodigal son returned home in despair to be reunited joyfully.

We all go through individualized versions of this journey, long or short, mild or harsh.

Everyone. And it is for the bonding, the sharing in our joys and sorrows together.

As God’s adopted children. You. Me. Our enemies. Our neighbors. Strangers. Loved ones.

There are the wins and loses, ups and downs.

I gamble with my gift of life and existence at stake.

I gamble with those in my life and their directions they go in at stake.

Then, if the gambles are placed in the right place…

there is the everlasting win.




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