The Search for the Life Passion

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Over history there has been much confusion as to the meaning of life.

There are many with opinions, and a few that are certain they are right.

For those with differing opinions, the only way to determine if there is one that is more right, is to tell if the results and the source is authentic.

I had been in search of that meaning for many years.

I have always been a dreamer.

For the first twenty, thirty years I had been an introvert with many speculative theories on meaning, on purpose. On goals, on what could make “a difference.” I cared about people, all people. I did not judge because I knew that all are human, and that the things we go through can mean more than we have control over. I knew to love and respect all people who all had a right to live, and that bad actions had to be separated from the people who did them because everyone makes mistakes.

I hadn’t thought there was just one religion, back then, but many versions that all were searching for that truth. That meaning of love that held the universe together.

I wasn’t happy, though. I needed to be created for a purpose. I needed a road map to tell me what that purpose was. I needed to learn who I was.

I had been introspective to the point that I never saw who I was and what I wanted.

There was a point in my life that I was so full of passion, but I didn’t know what to do with it. I sought after superficial dreams and impossible changes of the world.

I was at one point rock bottom.

I had then prayed, with such a sincere heart searching for signs, searching humbly to serve that love out there, the God that I knew had to be somewhere but needed to be shown to me.

That was when the relationship I was in returned into my life from her own struggles, with a reformed life full of hope. She had just returned from Cursillo, a Catholic retreat.

I knew what I needed to do.

I then knew that her being introduced into my life, a few years before, had been an answered prayer too.

I converted to Catholicism, got married in a Catholic church, and made my own Cursillo, within a few short years with signs at every turn of little things and impossible things that just made me know my purpose finally.

I had found my faith.

I know that this faith, in perspective, is the passion that Christ gave as an example for us.

To love others and serve God through serving others, for Christ is in each of us.

We give our hearts to Christ, and are then enabled to receive His gifts.

We love each other, fully, because that passion is in each of us, and is the potential for each of us, meant to be.





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