Walking in the dark

Once upon a time there was a sad, beautiful romantic looking for a soul mate.

For most of his life he had been walking in the dark.

He would take steps, and from time to time he would bump into things.

He thought he knew where everything was.

He thought he knew what he had to do to get where he was going.

He thought he knew how far he had to go to get there.

He thought, without seeing, that his path was clear.

But it was dark.

He did not know these things.

And, at least at the time, he did not have something or someone to guide him through it.

He lost his way from time to time, but there was a watcher there, listening, waiting for him to ask for help.

There was (is) a flame, deep inside his heart.

The spirit knows this.

It would be many years yearning in the dark, before his light kindled in the spirit.

It was not the romantic’s way.

It was a more perfect, good way, vulnerable and true.

It was the ocean waves, hands touching, eyes searching, together, sharing the peace.

It was the sounds of the rush and soft fiery crack of a large tree bending, giving in to the wind.

It was the perfect coincidences of answered prayers that you don’t have to guess, but know, are faith.

It was a followed heart in humility that knows what one wants is for one’s own good, and the good of the one that one loves.

It was the amazing grace, that perfect honeymoon bliss that extends before you even met and that you trust with every choice you have will never end.

It is the warm kiss of tender compassion and hearts as one.

It is the sychrony of life, and letting go to let God take the wheel.

It is the indescribable thing you want a word for that must be heaven’s connection to the soul.

It is living in appreciation of every moment of life, whatever it brings, and being untouchable from any harm because you know it must be for a greater plan and that every — I mean every — thing you or anyone has is a temporary gift on loan to use for our Creator, and to not try to control any of it except to give it over to Him and what you can feel and inside know is His purpose for you — in the moment — living — fully — with passion — with Grace.

It is the realization that there are no longer any worldly goals that can be tried for or measured — but that there is only the realized Dream — that we are Alive!




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