Why Love Is Beyond

Gospel of John Chapter 21, versus 15 to 19…in which Jesus asked Peter to feed His sheep…again…and again…

Are Words in which I find meaning, embracing my step of existence, open to the growth that challenges will be ahead, with our mutual mortal step numbered and precious that I do not fail to appreciate the existence, in that it holds love that I may yet give (in which I am grateful for the giving, a sliver of the cross in which piety brings a sliver of the Good that this world does not hold of its own).

Words it is not perhaps measurable in how important we reflect on how we use our (none of us entitled to) moments of breath and action and thoughts of prayer and loving humble resolve, in order that we choose not to react to each other’s fallible journeys as we are not Judge and Unlimited Creator that would know how, but that we be there to notice how He put us there to, without intrusion, be example and support of that unconditional love to which He exemplified that we are to bear if we are to pass the test of growth to grow as children enough to, in that inevitable unknown timing that is hopefully long away, be comforted by His direct presence when we, as those before us, take that next step.

I resolve to let go of any pride for the Creation which I am and the imperfect attempts at which I grow towards His perfect will. I resolve to notice when the slightest separation from faith is near and to draw back to Him without, as we are all His children written in scripture, resolve to not tantrum by attempting to take the wheel of the moment or to try to measure it’s worth but to instead follow, and in that opening of the heart see the gifts I am to give, now, before the moment is gone.

What are my rights? What is justice for my life experienced in such seemingly “unacceptable” imperfection that I yet am grateful to exist? Fair and Just means Obligated Giving To Creator, All-Good-Source, Infinite-That-Sees-Complete-Fairness-Of-Journey-Growth-Together-Our-Work-To-Feel-One-With-His-Perfect-Good.
Serving His Unknowable (In Our Humble Limits) (Yet Perfect) Good is Everything, I am Nothing without.
The Branch Does Not Bear Fruit When It Separates From The Vine (The Spirit, Not World-Measured Water But That When With, Never Thirsts), But Withers And Dies, How Can We Expect Our Dependence To Differ?

#ToDreamers … I give my dreams over to God, in that He take the wheel, and resolve to no longer try to do as I wish, but to open my heart to His unimaginably more perfect wish.

I am here in the moment, present, using my breath and all the breaths that He may grant me, to serve His love and feed His sheep.



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